The Concept Of MLM Attraction Marketing

MLM Attraction Marketing

Have you heard about MLM Attraction Marketing? Do you know how it works?

One of the trending concepts in the network marketing industry right now is attraction marketing. If you use your favorite search engine to search for this topic, you will discover that a lot of network marketers are talking about the concept.

It is a way to become a smarter networker once you are clear about what exactly it is you are doing?

What Is MLM Attraction Marketing?

Attraction marketing is a way of giving out quality, free information that will be of benefit to your target audience.

It is a way of giving your time and resources to the people whom you are hoping will patronize the product you are selling or join the business opportunity you are promoting.

This form of marketing is all about building trust, positioning yourself as an authority in your niche and then regularly backing up this position by sharing your knowledge and experience with others.

Attraction marketing could also be referred to as reverse marketing. As the name implies, the purpose of attraction marketing is to draw people into one’s business naturally.

A network marketer uses attraction marketing to pull his audience, causing them to buy whatever he has to offer.

It is all about branding YOU and not the MLM company. What I mean is that YOU are the brand and not your business opportunity.

Why Is This Concept Different?

In those days, a typical network marketer would go out to distribute flyers and marketing materials with the hope of connecting with these prospects. Often times, you don’t get the best results using this approach.

But with the internet, you will be able to use MLM Attraction Marketing to share valuable information that people are seriously searching for.

When people search online and find your content helpful, they will get to know, like and trust you.

You can convert these people into your email subscribers and continue to offer them value to further build the relationship.

When you make them trust you enough, they will gladly buy from you or join your business when you make them an offer.

MLM Attraction marketing positions you as an authority. Rather than chasing people, you will have people come to. You will become the hunted and not the hunter.

How To Get Started

Although there are several attraction marketing systems out there I highly advise that you start a blog. Your blog will brand you and make you an authority.

It will serve as your platform for giving out quality information to people and these people can easily reach out to you through your blog.

If not for the fact that I have my own blog where I give out valuable information to people, you wouldn’t have been here benefiting from this information that you are reading now.

That is why you should also set up your own blog to kick start your MLM Attraction Marketing.

The Bitter Truth

No doubt, MLM Attraction Marketing is very powerful, but only a few are able to build a large team using attraction marketing.

It is not impossible to achieve success with this method, but a lot of network marketers never get the kind of results that they want with this strategy.

If you ask me, I would say the reason some people never achieve success with attraction marketing is that they lack the ability to stand out of the crowd.

They don’t have a Unique Selling Proposition that will make them different from other network marketers.

The point I am trying to make is that there are so many network marketers who are already teaching about network marketing tips online. Rather than carving out a niche for themselves, they decide to follow what the majority do by copying them and still repeating the same thing that everyone else already knows.

What You Can Do Differently

If you want to be successful with MLM Attraction Marketing, you have to discover your selling point.

Instead of talking about network marketing in general, you can narrow down your niche and become an authority on one specific topic within the network marketing industry.

For example, you can focus on:

*Facebook marketing


*Online lead generation


*Product sales

*Instagram marketing

*Attraction marketing and branding

*And so many others

If you focus on one topic within the network marketing industry, it will help you achieve success faster compared to when you want to talk about everything network marketing related.

The Problem With Attraction Marketing

The major problem that people face with using MLM Attraction Marketing is that they don’t stick with it too long enough to start getting results.

If you want to succeed, you must make up your mind to go into it for the long term .It is definitely going to take you some time but it will be worth it at the end.

Plus, you also need a game-plan, a mentor the willingness to work really hard and be persistent until you start experiencing success.

3 Tips For Success

1.Give Consistent Value
Shoving your products and business opportunity on people is not giving value.
You must be willing to share valuable information to help people build their existing business.

Also, you should concentrate on providing solutions to the pains of the people that you are out to serve.

If you focus on this, you will be able to attract people to you who will get to know, like and trust you.

2.Be A Problem Solver
Most of the people who are coming to you have a problem. You must always think of ways that you can help these people solve their problems so that you can leave them better than you met them.

3.Always Provide Help
Your ability to help people genuinely is what will make them flock around you. Even when you hang around social media and people seek your help, be willing to give them solutions to their problems without asking for anything in return.

Don’t be like those network marketers who will tell you that you must join their team before they share their secret of success with you.


MLM Attraction Marketing is a great way to build your MLM business. But, what will determine your success is your ability to stand out and be different from other network marketers who are all doing the same thing online. Use your unique selling proposition to attract your ideal audience.

The only way to do this is to pick one specific niche within the network marketing industry and focus on it. This will position you as the expert in that niche and the go-to person thereby helping you to attract leads to yourself.

Was this post helpful? What other tips can you recommend?

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