How To Generate Targeted MLM Leads From Facebook Groups

Trgeted MLM Leads

Do you want to learn how to generate targeted MLM leads for your business?

In this post, I am going to share with you a smarter way that you can generate targeted mlm leads for your business using facebook groups without spamming.

You will get some actionable steps, some do’s and don’ts and some other basic strategies that will give you an edge to maximize your results.

The typical way people approach generating targeted mlm leads is that they come on facebook and join groups related to their niche and then begin to promote their products and business opportunities in the group.

I know how exciting it can be when we join our MLM business. we turn to facebook because we want to share the opportunity with the world believing that everyone who sees it will get very excited just like you are. But the fact remains that, for you to generate targeted mlm leads on facebook, you have to be strategic.

The primary reason why people come on facebook is to socialize and get entertained and not to buy stuff. Even though you are in a facebook group filled with people that really have a need for what you have to offer, but their mindset for being on facebook is not to buy.

If they want to buy stuff, they can simply walk into a shop or place an order online in any store and the item will be delivered to them right on their doorstep.

How To Generate Targeted MLM Leads Using Facebook Groups

Now, how do you let people know about your business opportunity or product in groups to generate targeted mlm leads without being a salesman?
The answer is very simple. Rather than posting links of your company’s compensation plans and posting pictures of your products telling people how awesome it is and why they need to join your business or buy from you, you may want to lead with VALUE.

What is the best way to use facebook groups to generate targeted mlm leads?
The best way is to offer real value with your contents. When you read a book, attend a webinar, seminar or you learn something new that you think will be beneficial to your prospects, create a content in form of a blog post or video and share it in the group.

When you post in one group, you can copy the same post and paste it in another group where your target audience is, but make sure you don’t do this too fast so that you don’t get into facebook trouble.

Always focus on sharing valuable contents because it will help you to attract quality targeted mlm leads to yourself.

People are looking for solutions to their problems and if you can provide them with that solution, they will be open to taking a look at whatever you have to offer.

For example, instead of posting about your business opportunity, you could come up with a post like ‘’5 Secret Ways To Generate MLM Leads Without Chasing Family And Friends’’ or ‘’How To Generate 2-5 Free MLM Leads Daily On Facebook.

These types of posts are very valuable to a network marketer, it is helping them to solve the pains and challenges of generating leads for their business.

When people read posts like this, they will understand that you are genuinely interested in them and you are not just making it all about yourself.

Some of these people will like and comment on your post, some will send you friend request and you can send them a first message on messenger and start building the  relationship from there.

Also, you can send friend request to others who commented or liked your post and once they accept you, it will open an opportunity for you to start a conversation with them.

No body really cares about your products or network marketing company. People are selfish and they always want to know what they stand to gain from you.

If you make about your prospect and not just all about you, they will pick genuine interest in you as well.

If you remain consistent with these strategy, you will never run out of leads to show your business opportunity.

Giving value requires a lot of effort and consistency, but in the end, it will pay off.

People in facebook groups in your niche may actually need what you have to offer but they have not come on facebook with the mindset of a shopper.

People hate to be sold but they love to buy and the best way to get their attention to spending money with you by purchasing your product or joining your business opportunity is to lead with value. That way, they will get to trust you enough to actually do business with you.

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I am a Network Marketing Entrepreneur, Internet Marketer, And A Lifetime Student. My passion is to help other network marketers use the smarter approach in building their businesses by leveraging digital tools.

John Agbo

I am a Network Marketing Entrepreneur, Internet Marketer, And A Lifetime Student. My passion is to help other network marketers use the smarter approach in building their businesses by leveraging digital tools.

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