Five Proven Ways To Get Qualified Prospects For Your Business

Get qualified Prospects

You want to get qualified prospects and build a big team right?

Well, that’s the dream of every network marketer but reality hits when prospects start giving you excuses why they cannot join your business.

I have been down that road before and I can tell you that it’s tough and depressing.

Not quite long, I was busy chasing and begging everyone on the street trying to get hem interested in my business.

I would invite people for a presentation hoping to see them on that day only for me to call and get lame excuses for their inability to attend.

The worst part is that even those who were able to make it to the presentation never registered and kept giving me some flimsy excuses.

Things were tough and I almost gave up because I felt no one was going to join my business.

But luck shone on me when I discovered a better way to build my business which we are going to be discussing in a moment.

Before we dive into that, it is important I let you know that your success in network marketing will be dependent on your ability to find more people to talk to every single day.

If people are not seeing your business, it means you have no business.

So where do you get qualified prospects to talk to every day?

I am sure you want to know this and that is why you are on this page.

So, I am going to show you five proven ways all top earners in network marketing use to get new people and talk to them every single day.

I have personally used all of these methods to build my business.

Number 5 is my most favorite (and by far the most effective). So make sure you read this post to the end.

While I give you the strategies, I am also going to give you some scripts to guide you on each step of the way so you know exactly what to say to the prospect.

It is important that you don’t leave anything to chance.

1. Talk To Your Warm Market

Your warm market is your family and friends and this is the best place to find prospects for your business especially when you are brand new.

I know some people do not want to approach their family and friends but it is important you look into your warm market to see who will be interested in building a side business to earn an extra income.

Your warm market is a great asset but you just have to ensure that you qualify these people so you only get to invest your time with the most serious people.

However, don’t get attached to the outcome of their decision.

Most of your family and friends will not want to join your business at the initial stage. In fact, most of them will watch you build your business for a very long time before they eventually make the decision to join you.

But you can always ask them for referrals.

You can say something like this:

‘’Hey Bob, I just started this new project and I know you will not be interested in this, but do you know any sharp person who will be interested in earning an extra 150k to 500k per month?’’

This is an indirect approach.

100% of the time this works like magic because you are not trying to involve the person you are talking to.

That will arouse their curiosity and they will start asking you questions about your business. That will become an opportunity for you to set up an appointment if they really want to get more details.

Whatever you do, don’t try to start pitching people your business on the phone after the conversation.

It makes you look needy and it is wrong.

Your job is to set up an appointment over the phone.

Another way to go about it is to use the direct approach…

‘’ If I told you there was a way to increase your cash flow without jeopardizing what you are currently doing, would that interest you?’’

Of course, you know they would give you a yes.

Just follow the script to set up an appointment or get a confirmation from them to send them a third party tool for review.

2. Talk To People

We meet people every day. Whenever you are out there – at the market, at the church, on the bus, at the park – wherever you go, you will always meet a stranger you can talk to.

Whenever you meet someone who is sharp, give them a quick compliment and start a conversation with them.

You can even ask for their phone number and ask if you could send them a friend request on Facebook so you can start building the relationship from there.

When you meet new people and start a conversation with them, don’t try to make it all about you.

Remember, people like to talk about themselves.

When you are at the restaurant, order for food and ask for the manager.

Give the person a compliment and start a conversation.

Find out if they would love to earn an extra income while keeping their day job.

(Employees are always looking for ways to earn extra money because their salary alone is not always enough)

Begin the conversation with a compliment.

‘’I am really impressed with your customer service’’

Go further and ask more questions like:

‘’For how long have you been working here? Do you like working here?’’

‘’What do you like best about your job?’’

Then move on to the invitation stage

‘‘Do you keep your options open when it comes to making money?’’

’I have a business you can run part-time without jeopardizing what you are currently doing’’

They will ask you: ‘’what is it about?’’ you have to be ready and give them an answer like:

‘’Well, I would really love to sit down with you but I don’t want to take time away from your job.

Write your number down and I will give you a call when you are not at work so we could talk better’’.

Then casually say you have taken so much of their time and you have to go catch up with another appointment.

‘’I have to go now. Can we set up a time when I can share all the information with you? When do you think is the best time I can reach you?’’

When they give you a time, make sure you call them at that exact time and invite them for a proper presentation.

Note: Do not try to give out your presentation during the invitation process.

When you get on the phone with them, you say…

‘’Hey, I really don’t have much time to talk, but it was really important I reach out to you. Would you be free by Saturday this week so I could show you the business?’’

Again, they might want to ask you what the business is all about so get prepared…

‘’Well, it’s 90% visuals and you need to see it to understand it’’.

3. Use Facebook

What most people do when they go on Facebook is to spam people with links to their opportunity and pitch their businesses.

Don’t do that, it will kill your business and make people unfriend and block you.

The first thing you have to do is to find your ideal prospects and connect with them.

Facebook is a social network and you have to first of all connect with people and build a relationship.

You can find people from Facebook groups and pages depending on your niche market.

When you add someone new, you want to look up on their profile and find something you can talk about.

‘’Hello Joe, It’s nice connecting with you. I a home-based business owner. I Can see from your profile that you work at XYZ  company ”

Do not try to pitch them your opportunity immediately.

‘’Wow! How long have you been working there?’’

‘’ You must be making lots of money I guess?’’

(Most employees are always not making enough)

Request to jump on a messenger call with them or get their phone number and call them.

When you are on the phone, always be in a hurry.

‘’Listen, Joe, I am glad I was able to get you on phone. I just have a few minutes but I want to ask you, what if there was a way to earn an extra income while keeping your day job, would you be interested?

When they ask you: ”What is it about?

’It’s more of visual and you will understand better when you see it. If I send you a video, would you watch it?’’

‘’When do you think you must have watched it for sure?’’

’So if I call you by (insert day) you must have watched it for sure?’’

’All right then, I have to go now, thanks’’.

Send the video and call them back as a way of follow up.

If you can meet with the prospect in person, it will be more powerful.

But in cases where you cannot meet with the prospect, you can simply jump on the phone with them or even have a video call on Zoom.

Make sure you send them the video to watch, if they are not interested right now don’t take it personally.

Always leave it open.

‘’All right, can we still be friends and I keep you updated with my progress?’’

Don’t pressure them.

Just remain friends with them and keep communicating with them to further build the relationship.

4. Network At Events

When you attend events, get to meet people and introduce yourself to them.

Get to know them too and collect their business cards and phone number.

Don’t try to pitch them your business immediately.

When you get back home, send everyone you met a simple text message like:

‘’Hi Rose, it was nice meeting you today. You are such an amazing person. Hope you got home well?’’

They will definitely give you a response.

After some days or weeks, you want to keep communicating with them, then send them a message.

‘’Hey Mary, you were one of the few sharp people I met at the event the other day and you really stood out to me. Would you be interested in earning an extra income from a side project that doesn’t interfere with what you are currently doing? I really don’t have much time to explain it on the phone. Let’s meet on Saturday by 5 pm at Tantalizers’’.

I hope you get the entire concept?

5. Make Use Of Social Media

The success of any network marketing business depends on your ability to prospect more people (whether warm market prospecting or cold marketing prospecting)

• Cold market prospecting might seem like you are chasing and begging people and trying to convince them to join your business.

• Warm market prospecting, on the other hand, is like seeing your family and friends as potential sources of making money. And if you are like most people, you won’t want to destroy your relationship and integrity because of money because you don’t want people to start avoiding you.

Now, while you can get quality prospects from all the sources I have mentioned above, sincerely, do you want to keep going around chasing prospects all day?

It has never been a good idea for me neither has it been very profitable.

That is the reason why I choose to do my prospecting and recruiting online now.

I now have people reach out to me and tell me they want to join my business.

I don’t chase, beg or try to convince them.

They just come to my inbox and messenger ready to join my business.

But I must be honest with you, you will still have to talk to people. Network marketing is a business of relationships.

However, building your network marketing business on the internet is much better than traditional networking.

On the internet, you can easily set up automated systems to help you generate quality leads, prospect, sell and recruit quality people so you can build your network marketing business faster.

You can use the internet to close about 90% of your prospect without cold calling or dealing with any form of rejection.

So if you are looking for a better way to start attracting quality people and automate your prospecting and recruiting then I highly encourage you to sign up for my FREE 5 Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp.

You are going to learn how to build your network marketing business online using proven ‘’attraction marketing’’ strategies where you never have to chase, beg or try to convince anyone to join your business.

These strategies will help you to build your business automatically where you have prospects reach out to you and not you chasing them.

If you are ready to get started…

Simply click on this link to get access to the FREE 5 Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp

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I am a Network Marketing Entrepreneur and Attraction Marketing Practitioner. My passion is to help other network marketers use the smarter approach in building their businesses by leveraging digital tools.

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John Agbo

I am a Network Marketing Entrepreneur and Attraction Marketing Practitioner. My passion is to help other network marketers use the smarter approach in building their businesses by leveraging digital tools.

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