How To Recruit The Best MLM Prospect

Best MLM ProspectIf you want your network marketing business to grow exponentially, you need to recruit the best MLM prospect.

You must make it a priority to find people with a clear goal, purpose, and determination to succeed in the business.

These people must also be motivated and disciplined to learn the skills to succeed and also take consistent action on the right things.

How To Find The Best MLM Prospect

One of the best ways to get people like this into your business is to find those who have already shown these qualities in other areas of their lives. What that means is, focus on recruiting people who have attained some level of success in life.

The reason is that people who are already successful stand a higher chance of succeeding in network marketing because it is the same skills they learned to become successful in life that they also need to apply to become successful in network marketing.

I am not trying to say that other people cannot become successful in network marketing, the point is that people who know what it takes to become successful in other areas of life will always be ahead of those who are yet to figure out things.

So you need to focus on those who are successful, can afford the money to start the business and also possess the qualities and traits needed to become successful in network marketing.

Targeting The Right Prospect

In order to recruit the best MLM prospect, you must target the right prospect.

If you are building your network marketing business offline, you need to target prospects with higher value.

Rather than trying to prospect the supermarket cashier, you might try prospecting the manager instead.

If you want to prospect at the restaurant, try striking a conversation with the manager instead of the waiter.

If you are doing your network marketing recruiting online, it makes it easier for you to identify people of higher

levels and positions. You can do this by simply taking a look at their profile and you will be able to know exactly where they work and what they do for a living.

By scrolling through a person’s timeline alone can tell you what the person is up to, what they are involved in and how they spend most of their time.

If you are running ads on Facebook, the platform provides you with a very detailed targeting option. Facebook provides you with information about where your prospect works, where they live, their age range, marital status and so many other vital information that makes your targeting easier and helps you to target the best MLM prospect.

Your ‘Chicken List’

There are people who still have many people in their warm market that they are yet to present their opportunity to them. Often times, the reason you haven’t presented your opportunity to those people is that you are afraid to approach them – usually, because they are more successful than you or higher up in the social-economic chain than you.

This is what is called your ‘’chicken list’’ in network marketing recruiting.

Why I think most people are afraid to approach their chicken list is that they are just afraid of the outcome. They are afraid of what they will think of you.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being afraid – most people really don’t care about what unsuccessful people think of them. They are really not concerned about the opinion of unsuccessful people about them but they care so much about what the successful people around them think about them.

The reason is that we don’t look up to unsuccessful people, we only look up to, admire, and respect the successful people we have in our lives. We always want them to have good thoughts about us so we are just scared that they will lose respect for us once they get to find out that we are involved in network marketing.

Getting Over Your Fears

Now, this is where you really have to make the decision if you want to be successful in network marketing or not. The reason is that if you really want to become successful, then you need to get rid of your fear of going after the big fish.

Success will be far away from you in this business if you are always trying to catch fingerlings in the pond when you should be going to the ocean to catch a few whales.

I must tell you the truth, getting over your fears in network marketing recruiting is not an easy thing. The best advice

I have received about how to get over this fear comes from Ray Higdon who says that you need to ”eliminate your addiction from the outcome”.

If you have ever been to the popular Idumota market in Lagos, you will notice that there are boys always hanging by the roadside calling and trying to pull you by the hand to enter their shops and buy clothes from them.

When you tell them you are not interested in getting clothes, that doesn’t make them close their shop or quit their businesses. Instead, the go out again to call in more customers who might want to buy clothes from them.

You see, those Idumota boys are not addicted to the outcome. They don’t approach people with the mindset that they have to sell their clothes to everyone. And when someone says ‘’no’’ because they are not interested in getting clothes, they don’t feel rejected and discouraged. They don’t think they have failed and want to quit or feel like the customer is thinking less of them. They are completely detached from the outcome.

How To Approach The Big Fish

So what you are expected to do is to think about your network marketing opportunity the same way the Idumota boys thinks about their business. Their goal is not to sell everyone their clothes. Their goal is simply to find out if people will be interested in getting some clothes.

Similarly, when you are recruiting for your network marketing business your goal is not to recruit everybody. As a matter of fact, if everyone should sign up, everyone will be able to do it and those who are willing to conquer their fears, learn the skills and do the hard work will not have the opportunity to make any money.

Rather, your goal is simply to find out if people are open to taking a look at your opportunity.

Final Thoughts

If you are the CEO of a company, I am sure you would not want to employ just anybody to fill in any vacant position.

Instead, you will employ someone who is highly qualified and is deserving of that position.

That is how you should treat your network marketing business too if you want to recruit the best MLM prospect.

Focus on recruiting those who already have some level of success in their lives because these kinds of people already possess the qualities that will help them succeed in the business.

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I am a Network Marketing Entrepreneur and Attraction Marketing Practitioner. My passion is to help other network marketers use the smarter approach in building their businesses by leveraging digital tools.

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I am a Network Marketing Entrepreneur and Attraction Marketing Practitioner. My passion is to help other network marketers use the smarter approach in building their businesses by leveraging digital tools.

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