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Hello, nice to meet you.

My name is John Agbo. I am a network marketing entrepreneur, internet marketer and a lifetime student.

My journey into entrepreneurship can be traced back to about 5 years ago when I read a book by Robert Kiyosaki titled Rich Dad Poor Dad.

That book give me an insight on what it means to be a business owner and an employee and I made the decision to take on the path of entrepreneurship.

Ever since then I have dabbled into several businesses both online and offline. While most of the businesses never saw the light of day, I was able to make little profits from some before I finally call it quit.

I can say I have failed more than anyone else but my desire to succeed was more stronger than my decision to quit so I kept moving on because I knew if I had to succeed, I was going to fail over and over again.

In the quest to find a business that will give me leverage, time, money and freedom, I stumbled on network marketing.

My main reason for going into network marketing was the fact that I wanted to have

  • Financial freedom
  • Time freedom and
  • Work freedom

My journey in the network marketing industry is similar to so many others and maybe including you. When I first got started, I was told to make a list of my family members and friends and be ready to face rejection from them after showing them my business. Can you relate?

I never got any success with that strategy and even the few people I was able to sign up didn’t really do any work and they just quit the business within the first 90 days.

Deep down within me, I knew what I had to offer was capable of changing anybody’s life and even though I was able to recruit a few people in my business using the old school method, I wasn’t cool with the whole thing because it wasn’t giving me time to do other things and live life the way I wanted.

I was almost calling it quit but I had to buckle up and find a way out because I believe there should be an alternative way to build my business rather than following the old school approach that my upline taught me.

If there is one thing I can do all day long without feeling overwhelmed then it is surfing the net. So, I decided to go online to see how I could build my network marketing business online.

I have done a couple of businesses online and I am a bit familiar with the use of all the modern day technologies.

Although, I didn’t have a clue of what I was doing at first but I kept on learning and taking action and things were getting better.

The truth is building your business online is not all easy. It is much more than sitting behind your computer and pressing a few buttons. It requires real work, dedication and a whole lot commitment. Plus, you need to give it time.

However, in the end, the investment will be all worth it. Today, I have been to understand better how to build my business online and attract highly-targeted prospects who are interested in what I have to offer.

I don’t chase, beg or try to convince anyone yet I have people reaching out to me daily asking me for more info about my business.

Please note that I am not in any way condemning offline marketing. If you are prospecting and getting results, please keep doing what you are doing and mix it with online marketing.

But in this time and age that we live in, it is important that your business should have an online presence because that is where your prospects hang out the most.

If you focus only on offline strategy, your prospect will come online to search for info about your business after prospecting them and once they find another leader in the same company with you who is online, they will ditch you and join them.

I am a lifetime student and I have invested thousands of naira in my personal education just to learn how to build my business online.

What I have learnt so far and implemented in my business to get results is what I will be teaching you right here on this blog.

It is also important to let you know that I am happily married and blessed with two lovely kids. I

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